Occasionaly we like to discuss the odd thing, Weeds, sure why not? A few life hacks, sure when we come across a few worth mentioning.

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Staying cool in summer can be a hard thing to do, especially in the cape, we might get a lot of wind which could just push that hot air around, so stay cool, stay refreshed and when you go to the beach please remember sun tan lotion.

Recycling is a big thing these days, Recycling Paper, plastics and even Metals and save a lot on the environment, there is copper, zinc, steel and many other in some many devices these days.

Whether you;re interesting in learning more about what is costs to run an Electric Fence or the cost difference or otherwise Pro’s and Cons to Post-Paid and Pre-Paid electricity.

We also provide some realistic savings that our clients have enjoyed.

Whether it’s keeping up the maintenance in your Pool or garden there is something to read about that here. Articles also Include Rain water harvesting through the use of your gutters. Applications for Grey or Black water and the systems you can use. A bit Boreholes and Well-Points, and we provide updates as to the current water situations and saving money in your household.

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