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Electric Fencing: Is this energy efficient? How much does it use? What does it cost?

Electric fencing if installed and maintained properly is an effective deterrent to unwanted intruders; it has both a visual as well as a physical deterrent effect. Your insurance company might offer you a premium discount if you protectt your property with electric fencing. Click Here for more.

Energy advice: Should I go pre-paid or post-paid (metered electricity)?

If you are a landlord there is no question go pre-paid – your tenant can never run up an out of control bill; plus certain pre-paid suppliers will pay you a commission on your tenant’s usage. Click Here for more.

Customer Related Savings

With all the methods and products readily available to lower the costs of your electricity bill, I’m sure you wander what can my savings really be. That question is answered right here, and if you still need more info feel free to Contact Us. Cick Here for more about Market Related Savings.

Electric Fencing

Pre-Paid vs Post-Paid

Customer Related Savings

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