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Energy Saving Articles

Green Star Technologies brings you the latest News, updates and Tips to your computer screens.


Our articles don't only focus on basic household appliances but other matters to improve your carbon footprint and lower your energy usage.


We'll talk about lighting and how is can enhance your working experience and save you money, renewable energy solutions and many more. Articles are updated all the time so stay tuned!


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Water Saving Articles

Drought news and updates, Water saving tips; like installing aerators, Adapting your gutter system for rain water harvesting, reusing grey water and the difference between black water and grey water.


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Recyling and Misc Articles

Are you supposed to recycling all your plastics or just a portion? Lets get into these types of discussions with a few of Green Star Technologies articles.


For a bit of spice of life we also talk about a few other miscellaneous topics that may prove helpful or informative to you! We welcome all to share their opinions and thoughts on all of our articles.


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