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Green Star Technologies is an energy solutions company that does not believe in putting all it's eggs in one basket! We offer a variety of brands and services to cater to our clients. We understand that there should never be a waiting list purely because we only deal with one company, so we decided to go big!


Green Star Technologies offer quality and cost effective options, you can contact us to have an Electrical Usage Audit done for free. The audit we provide can greatly help assess where changes can be made to reduce overheads; simply by changing the running costs of appliances and lighting.


Our Installation teams are friendly and efficient. With every Green Star Technologies installation we offer a one year warranty, if a light or fitting that was installed by Green Star Technologies is faulty or breaks while in use, we will have the item in question replaced.


If you are interested in more detailed documentation as to what Green Star Technologies is all about; we have provided a link below to view and download.

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Green Star Technologies -Services

Energy Efficient Lighting

Every business needs good lighting; whether it's a school, a call center or a car dealership; everyone needs to be able to see in full light. Lighting in an every day environment is very important, but changing that lighting  can provide substantial savings and improved productivity. A normal incandescent light bulb can burn up to 100Watts/h and [40 - 50 Degrees Celsius]; a major reason for  bulbs not lasting so long; LED bulbs can use anywhere between; 3w to 30w, produce no heat, have no harmful substances and have a lifespan of 30 000 hours at least; compared to an incandescent with a lifespan of 800 hours.


LED bulbs and fittings drastically reduce the impact on your energy bill by up to 90% from incandescent bulbs or 60% from CFL globes; while also producing far less heat; as transformers, capacitors and ballasts are not necessary.

Air Conditioning optimisation

Air conditioning is expensive when left to run the whole day, that cost can be greatly reduced. Keeping your staff and clients cool and comfortable in your office can cost that extra bit that just isn't necessary. With Green Star Technologies, we can reduce the usage by up to 30%; which is a saving of up to R150 per air conditioner per day!


Green Star Technologies uses optimisers that turn your AC unit into the modern inverter AC types; by installing a device which alters the consumption and effectiveness of an Air Conditioner's compressor. Further details are enclosed in our Introduction letter above.

HVAC and Refrigeration

Information on Figure 1.1 (left)

The HVAC Valve Technology is a mechanical system that manages the pressure of the unit during the compressors CUT ON/CUT OFF cycle by maintaining pressure inside the condenser coil.


During the compressor CUT OFF phase, the valves prevent the condenser coil bleeding into the evaporator in all air conditioners and refrigeration units. In heat pumps the heat of the condenser is maintained at a more consistent level.


During the ON phase, the HVAC technology reduces the length of running time to reach operating pressure from 3 - 5 minutes to less than 30 seconds

Figure 1.1

The HVAC Valves are a retrofit system of valves that can be attached to existing compressor-based cooling / heating systems in order to improve the efficiency of the systems and reduce the electricity consumption by at least 25%.


Green Star Technologies did a study to measure the energy consumption of cold rooms for several business; namely; Tops Liquor Store in Strand, Main road; Midmar Liquors, Main Road, Bellville and Narina Residence Kitchen - University of Stellenbosch. The average for these businesses, was between 38.7% and 44.0% in savings; with a reduction of up to 3 Degrees Celsius for all cold rooms and refrigerators.


Green Star Technologies can also save you money on your electricity bill for cold room storage and refrigeration; we create a full report for you along with an audit to represent what can be done to reduce the impact of these devices and how much you can potentially save.


More Info Available in the Introduction Letter at the Top of the page.

Solar Solutions & Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Illustration (left)


Solar Geyser Illustration (right)

Reduce your electrical bill even further with solar panel systems; not only do you save on your monthly electricity bill; but also take a step towards making an impact for a greener future. For a single Solar Panel; depending on the size and daily production; you can produce 1.2kW per day for each panel, taking an average storage time of 6 hours at 200Watts.


Solar Geysers and Heat Pumps are also a great way to save electricity while still enjoying a hot shower; each come with their own pro's and cons; more details enclosed Above.

Lets make the grass a little greener on the other side; for everyone involved, we think about future generations, so should you!


An In-depth view surrounding these two categories can be found in Green Star Technologies Introduction Letter.pdf, Above.

Rain Water Tanks and Saving

Green Star Technologies is proud to see so many putting in the extra effort to save and reuse water, give yourselves a pat on the back.  Although so many of us are doing our part; showering a bit less, wearing a shirt twice in a row, etc,  there is still so much more that is needed to be done, we can all help to prevent Day Zero. Green Star Technologies would like to help stave off the very real but unnecessary Day Zero by offering solutions for businesses, factories, car washes etc. Contact us today or post on our Facebook Page!


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