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The name Green Star was deliberately chosen to represent what we stand for and to constantly remind all stakeholders of our environmental focus in everything we do. Cape Town based Green Star started off life as an office equipment and software vendor. We are keenly interested in environmental issues and in helping businesses to reduce their electricity usage, carbon footprints and save money. With this in mind we launched our energy efficiency and renewable energy division in 2011. We are no longer in the office equipment business.

Green Star Technologies does not align itself to any one brand, supplier, technology or product. We partner with and access the best of breed products and technologies. We believe that in order to save clients’ money, energy and improve efficiency we need to be unbiased. This allows us to tailor make a solution for your unique business requirements. For example Led lighting is not always the best solution; other technologies may offer longer life, improved colour rendering, better cost effectiveness, etc. We take into account your particular circumstances, needs and standards before we recommend any solution. You will find that a solar geyser company will tell you that their product is better than a heat pump and vice versa. The solution sometimes is as simple as a timer, point of use geyser or gas. A combination of products can also be the best solution.

We offer solutions that include:

A more detailed description of each of the above is appended in the Introduction and information download link above.

Green Star believes that we first need to help you get energy efficient before you look at self-generation technologies such as solar and wind power. Renewable energy technologies are often more cost effective in areas where the cost of bringing in power lines from the grid would be prohibitive and where the power is only needed for a limited period. Whilst renewable technologies may seem expensive remember when you invest in renewable energy you are locking in the cost of your electricity for the next 20 years.

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