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Water saving tips: Pools – nice to have, painful to maintain and expensive to run? Can we save some water and money?


During summer pools can lose up to 1 000 litres of water per day through evaporation; this can be more in shallow…Click Here for more.


This can be anything from using buckets to catch water from drainpipes to sophisticated harvesting and purification systems. Any gardener will tell you that rainwater is so much better for the garden than tap water.Rain water harvesting is a good solution where Boreholes and well points are too expensive…..Click Here for more.

Pools Rain Water

Water Saving: Grey & Black water – There has been a lot of publicity around Grey water systems in recent weeks, we will cover the main points.

The average suburban garden accounts for about 46% of domestic…Click Here for more.

Grey Water

Water saving: What are well-points? What are the costs to install? What are the costs of running them? What are the regulations? Must I have a sign?

A well point is a pipe with a filtered end installed into a porous soil structure. The water is distributed by means of a…Click Here for more.


Our dams stood at 49.7% as at 19 December 2016. We use on average 1.6% per week of the dam capacity even with the current level 3 restrictions, therefore our dams should be at about 48.3% as at 26 December.

No actual readings have been published yet. If this rate of depletion continues for another 15 weeks i.e. till mid-April…Click Here for more.


Showers: Low flow shower heads use 6 litres per minute whereas standard heads use between 10 and 20 litres per minute; keep in mind that at least half of this is hot water so you save on electricity as well. Your shower experience will be no different.  Click Here for more.

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